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Peace In Our Hands™

Healthy Family Living's™
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Peace In Our Hands™

Early Intervention Staff Training

Evaluating Our Programs | Why HFL's Work Is Needed | Executive Summary
Testimonials | Responsibility & Fee Structure | Site Requirements

" My son, diagnosed with Autism, was very sensitive to touch and clothing. Using Healthy Family Living’s approach to massage and Touch Communication™ we have been able to reduce these sensitivities.

The massage session with my son allows us time to bond and enjoy peaceful physical interaction. He is no longer as irritated by clothing and is more relaxed and comfortable with our touch. I also feel the massage has helped ease his gastro-intestinal discomforts.”
    - Father

The above parent quote is just one of the reasons why we invite you to consider integrating programs from A Foundation for Healthy Family Living® (HFL) as an aspect of the services you are currently providing. Our Infant/Child Massage and Touch Communication™ programs are being successfully implemented in many agencies around the country. HFL’s Infant/Child Massage and Touch Communication methods are practical and adaptable to effectively meet and support the needs of the populations you serve.

  • HFL trains and certifies individuals to teach parents and caregivers to massage and communicate with their babies and children with an emotionally attuned, interactive method that approaches and responds to each infant/child as a unique individual.

  • The Infant Massage and Touch Communication™ programs are family-centered. They directly serve in promoting parent-infant/child attuned interactions and thus directly contribute to establishing or deepening the bonding and brain building process. This is achieved through educating and supporting parents/caregivers in a series of classes (private or group), which includes the direct practice of appropriate touch, nurturing parenting skills and responsive, respectful communication.

  • HFL offers a reduced fee structure when the training is sponsored by an agency for their staff members. (Please note: The participants at an Agency Staff Training may also be made up of staff from one or more agencies.) HFL is nationally recognized as a Continuing Education Provider. Further information is available upon request. We would be happy to meet with you on the phone as well to answer questions or address possible concerns.

  • Healthy Family Living also offers non-agency staff trainings, open to the general public from various professions. Tuition includes course fees, materials, master copies of parent handouts and the entire certification process.

  • We have various levels of programs, in-services and tuition to serve your Agency's objectives and staff needs and capacity building.

    • Including but not limited to:
      • Infant Massage Communication
      • Planting Gardens, Making Pizzas - Healthy Touch and Nourishment for the Pre-school Setting
      • Touch Communication and Sensory Nourishment - Children with Special Need
      • Building Healthy Connections

Thank you for considering the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your existing services, by having your agency’s staff trained in HFL’s Infant/Child Massage and Touch Communication™ programs. Service providers who learn and implement Touch Communication™ programs provide to families the knowledge and wisdom that scientific research now proves is a benefit to families’ lives. Our programs support the cultivation of numerous life-long benefits that come from understanding and practicing nurturing Touch Communication™, which supports all levels of development and secure relationship attachments. Please feel free to call us at 707-894-6030 or email to:

With Respect,

Kalena Babeshoff
HFL Director
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