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Bengali Lullaby -- Listener Reviews

Soothing and tranquil to a stressed mind
Reviewer: Joe Rivera
Slow and soothing, I found listening to it getting me into a relaxed and meditative state. The english version at the end was relaxing as well. I used in in my massage class, and everyone loved it...

Very impressed
Reviewer: Emine
It is a beautiful cd, I use it for my massage clients and for baby massage. I could not find it in Australia and it was so easy to get from here. Thank you so much.

Great Purchase
Reviewer: Heidi
Very calming CD for baby bedtime or massage. Love the 3 languages!

Calming yet powerful
Reviewer: Paula
The music is calming yet powerful. My daughter and I enjoy listening during massage or feeding. I have seen the calming effects of the lullaby and I am a huge fan. This CD is a great gift.

This CD is a beautiful way to bring caregivers and babies into perfect harmony
Reviewer: Dr. Elaine Fogel Schneider
I have used this wonderful CD when I am instructing caregivers in the art of infant touch communication. I have found this lullabye a natural way of touching the hearts of both caregiver and child. Jose Ruben de Leon has captured the true exquisite voice of Ami Tomake. I highly recommend his CD to all who engage in the work of infant massage as well as those who would like to bring peace and harmony to their daily lives.

Reviewer: Sonia
This CD is magic - from the moment it starts you're transported to a calming yet reviving state. I use it for yoga - but I gave it to a friend for her baby and she says they both love it. It sounds a little like the Gregorian monks CD that came out a few years ago, but more melodic. Unusual and beautiful.

Reviewer: Gina Kruse, Infant Massage Instructor

I use this CD in my infant massage groups and the parents and babies love it. Thanks so much. Ami Tomake is a magical lullaby. This rendition is very beautiful as background music as well as for singing along.

Womb Redux
Reviewer: Shadow Evans
Like the breath of newborn April after a harsh winter, how may one adequately convey the sense of beauty, joy and the infinitude contained within the celestial sense of KNOWING that this CD represents. Truly a triumph over those horrid beasties that would have us misplace, in our advancing ages, that sense of nurture in a depleted zone of nature. I wept for hours.

AMI TOMAKE is lovely!
Reviewer: Kathryn Scarano/Choreographer Kairos Dancers
The voices have such tenderness and yearning, full of hope but also tremendously evocative. I listened to it over and over after my knee surgery. The comfort it brought connected me to more than myself, and brought a strength from the felt, body sense of knowing that others held me, hoped for me. You have created a cradle of tone and timelessness. I congratulate you.

I absolutely love it!
Reviewer: Lori Karhu, Reiki Master
This wonderful CD allows me to center and balance myself - I use it in meditation. I absolutely love it!

Wonderful quality of cd and usefull for many situations
Reviewer: cynthia gardner
this cd realy puts you in deep peace and is wonderful due to the different languages all on one cd. top 10 cds to have .

This is an exquisitely beautiful CD
Reviewer: Kalena Babeshoff
The beauty in this CD touches one on all levels, gently allowing for the soothing and nourishing of the body,mind and spirit. I have witnessed the value of using it for my own well being as well as in teaching with groups of parents and babies. 100% of the time there is an enhanced level of peacefulness and the presense of love and this state lingers after the music has ended. It is a heavenly experience each and every time. What a blessing indeed. With the use of Ami Tomake while instructing parents in the art of infant massage and communication, I have witnessed both the little people and the adults soften and calm in their mood and state of awareness. We are very fortunate to have this music made available to us. The production quality is suberb, this is an exquisitely beautiful CD. Thank you.

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