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Peace In Our Hands™

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Peace In Our Hands™

Training Includes


Exclusive benefits included with HFL's Infant Massage Training Certification program tuition:

  • Four days of interactive training with Kalena Babeshoff, renown for her innovative and transformational approach to education for more than 25 years.

  • To assure your successful implementation following the training, HFL's experienced Council of Instructor Mentors are a free resource available to you for as long as you choose.

  • Initial Certification Process for Instructor of Infant Massage (CIIM) plus lifelong certification status with no additional annual or membership fees required.

  • Three of the four training days include 90 minute sessions with parents and babies. The first day is observation of Kalena Babeshoff teaching with parents and babies. The second and third days provide opportunities for trainees to be supported in their first experience teaching actual parent classes.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Master copies for teaching your future parent/caregiver classes

  • Binder of study guides and related articles with extensive resource list and bibliography

  • HFL online newsletter subscription

  • Cultivating family experiences of safety, security, trust and predictability through nurturing

    • Changing generational patterns of ignorance, abuse and neglect

    • The history of parenting; How did we get here?

    • Respect for infants and parents - observing, understanding, and responding to developmental stages and ever-changing needs, cues and behavioral states of caregivers and babies

  • An opportunity for participants to practice and teach infant massage with parents and babies within the supportive training environment

    • Strokes for newborn, infant and adaptations for the growing child

    • Empowering parents, promoting nurturing parent-infant interaction

    • Communication styles for effective teaching

    • Relaxation techniques for ourselves, the infants and their caregivers

  • Mindfulness and reflection; the science and wisdom for integrating ongoing practices

    • Conscious modeling to increase capacity for 'mirroring'; with oneself, clients and families

    • How the programs of HFL may be a catalyst for personal growth and development

  • Massage and somatosensory communication for supporting development, emotional/mental health, the bonding process and building secure relationship attachment

    • Development of the brain and senses; conception through the first year

    • Nature's design of touch; it's importance and significance on development, behavior, lifetimes and society

    • Identify and adapt infant massage for challenging situations and special needs children; colicky, fussy, preterm, hypersensitive, disorganized, prenatally exposed to drugs, tone

  • Marketing ideas and public relations

    • Self-assessment and development

    • Networking ideas and effective approaches
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