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Peace In Our Hands™

Healthy Family Living's™
dove logo is formed by three human hands, representing that our programs are about relationships expressing the
Peace In Our Hands™

Staff Quotes and Stories

Quotes from Staff:

"I am much more mindful when I begin my care for baby. I try to be present, slow down and think about baby’s developmental needs as well as the family’s needs. Through the knowledge and understanding I gained, I am much more vigilant in keeping both the environment and myself calm, and developmentally appropriate. I value the skills I gained to teach the family how to do this too. It’s a great program. Thank you."

"Compassionate Beginnings™ helps parents/families orient to the newborn and have successful, even joyful interactions with their baby."

"I feel that I have had a great amount of success with teaching CB. Parents/families take right to it and are eager to have something to do that feels good and helps their babies. It is great to witness their becoming both competent and empowered."

Story from Staff:

Reported by NICU Nurse, with 15 years experience in the Level III Nursery:

"She (the parent) stated that she had learned life skills that have given her confidence in herself and a deeper ability to connect to others. She had never needed help before, and having received it, she better understands what to give. The experience has revised her perspective on life, illness, and what really is important in life.

"I had noticed a change in her approach to even entering the NICU. In the beginning, she would rush in, anxiety-ridden, stash a breast pump; begin ordering her husband to get the rocker and pillows. If he forgot the footstool, she was quick to anger. She would pull the curtain and slyly read everything on the nurse’s notes and chart. She was a rubber band ready to snap, and no nursing staff wanted her in their assignment.

"After we taught her CB and the ‘HFL’s 9 P’s’ she could see how differently her infant responded to her. She became more aware of how she was also affecting her family and the nursing staff. She became more trusting of her abilities and of staff members, as she began to gain more control.

"I am so happy to see what was a most painful and disruptive experience become so rich in pleasant memories and joy under our NICU roof!"

Reports through all levels of the evaluations, surveys and reviews of this innovative program have consistently shown improvement in both delivery of patient services and educating and empowering parents/caregivers. When families were asked in a survey "What can we do to improve our CB program?" the response given was "More of it!"

We invite you to contact us at A Foundation for Healthy Family Living for more information and to schedule a program for your staff.
Thank you.

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