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Kalena Babeshoff

As a Continuing Education Provider, Ms. Babeshoff has dedicated her professional path to developing and disseminating programs to health and human service professionals. These professionals then integrate the experience and tools into their work and services with babies, children and families. Kalena’s commitment is to positively shift generational patterns that grew out of lack of understanding and ignorance through modeling and hands-on education. The primary focus of her programs and consulting services is that all people come to know a felt sense of connection, empathy, security, interdependence and the quality of life that positively influences emotional, behavioral, mental and social health. In creating presentations and innovative programs Kalena incorporates attachment research, interpersonal neuroscience, the role of attunement and regulation in relationship interactions, and somatosensory communications including nurturing touch/massage along with the utilization of self-care, reflection and mindful awareness within delivery of services.

Her work is based on her experience as a nurse, author, educator, non-denominational minister, certified massage therapist and mother. Ms. Babeshoff has thousands of clinical hours integrating programs with families, care providers and professionals including many agencies and medical centers. Since 1986, Kalena has taught thousands internationally and is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of Infant Massage: Communication in Parenting. In 1992, she wrote and produced the video and booklet ‘Nurturing Touch: The Art of Infant Massage’ which is still in distribution.

In 2002, Kalena innovated and began teaching Compassionate Beginnings in the NICU/ICN (CB) designed to address the unique needs and vulnerabilities of NICU/ICN staff, neonates and families. CB provides knowledge, modeling and experiential education to reduce stress and raise staff competency to effectively strengthen successful implementation of Family Centered Developmental Care practices and parent satisfaction. Serving as a Consultant, Ms. Babeshoff is dedicated to bringing respectful relationship-centered approaches to a broad spectrum of society - including children, care providers and families with histories of abuse, neglect or trauma. Kalena is a Fellow with Child Trauma Academy founded by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD.

For more information please contact: ~ 707-894-6030

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