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Peace In Our Hands™

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Peace In Our Hands™

Building Healthy Connections

Program Information

BHC is adapted to meet current needs and objectives of staff or the conference focus following a pre-event consultation. Contact Us for more information regarding this unique program

  • This program offers capacity development for staff, foster-care or shelter providers working with a diverse range of at-risk, traumatized or special needs populations.

  • Many of the targeted populations have histories that result from ignorance, neglect and trauma, possibly the subsequent impact on mental/behavioral health and development.

  • BHC places importance on the welfare of professionals and care-providers through exploring research and the application/practice of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Research has shown staff well-being may directly influence co-regulation and mirroring which strengthens the staff client relationship. Increasing potential for self- and co-regulation and emerging resiliency.

  • Relationship-centered interaction methodologies that may enhance frequency for meeting the basic human need for safety, security and trust in predictable, attuned relationship interactions.

  • An avenue of focus for the above approaches is through BHC’s approaches bring sensory nourishment, inclusive of appropriate healthy touch communication. This may include family style massage and other somatosensory practices.

  • Curriculum includes principles and philosophy that encourage development and sensitivity to changing states and cues in implementation in application to support sensory integration, respect, pleasure, safety and security. In order that professional and care providers continuously remain responsive and attuned to changing states and body cues in implementation, the curriculum includes a system for flexibility in application to sustain sensory integration, respect, pleasure, safety and security.

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