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Peace In Our Hands™

Healthy Family Living's™
dove logo is formed by three human hands, representing that our programs are about relationships expressing the
Peace In Our Hands™

Wish List

A Foundation for Healthy Family Living is growing so that more families and communities can benefit from our work. We are dependent upon people like YOU to help us in this endeavor. Because our needs will change as we develop new educational materials, please check back frequently.

Tax Deductible Donations for our 501(c)3

  • Donations - of any size - are gratefully received Contribute Now
  • Scholarships for our Instructor of Infant Massage Training courses
  • Sponsorship of our Web site and Internet service
  • Educational Materials and Program Development
  • Printing Costs
  • Co-sponsoring Educational Trainings
  • Postage
  • Gift Cerftificates for Office Supply Stores

    Equipment Donations

  • Desktop Photocopier
  • Printer for PC
  • Printer Cartridges
  • Paper (white and color)
  • Headset for a cordless telephone (preferably of good quality and in good condition)


  • Grant Writers
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations
  • Translation Services of Documents into Spanish
  • Program Development

    We are available to discuss any of the above needs. For more information, please contact us:

    Telephone: 707-894-6030
    A Foundation for Healthy Family Living
    Kalena Babeshoff
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