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Peace In Our Hands™

Healthy Family Living's™
dove logo is formed by three human hands, representing that our programs are about relationships expressing the
Peace In Our Hands™


Volunteers Needed! We provide an enriching environment for people to donate time, talents and resources.

Hinton Thomas
"My life has been full, rich and amazing by any standard. By working for AFHFL I feel that I am giving some of my positive energy, some of my love for all mankind, some of my knowledge to all those that touch AFHFL. Now when I go to my car, I pause and listen to hear the sounds of children playing. With that I feel things are still OK. The work with AFHFL has made me more aware of people, especially Little People. I feel happier and share this with everyone I meet. When I win the lottery I will give even more to AFHFL."

Karen Wilson
"Volunteering at AFHFL makes me feel like I am contributing in a positive way to others and to future families. Each time I send a mailing, make a call or do a project on behalf of AFHFL I know I am sharing a beautiful vision of love, peace and respect that will ripple out into our communities and ultimately the world. I have enjoyed working in a comfortable environment with Kalena, Kelly and Karen. I have had the opportunity to meet many others who help in various ways, all of them sharing the heart of Kalena's vision to help families and caregivers. I have taken the 4 day training and am currently working on my certification to be an Instructor of Infant Massage. Sharing this beautiful form of respectful communication with new parents brings joy to me. As AFHFL continues to grow, I look forward to moving into a position in public relations or fund raising as my work with AFHFL. I love the people and A Foundation for Healthy Family Living and am grateful for the good work being done at AFHFL."

Telephone: 707-894-6030
Mail: A Foundation for Healthy Family Living
Kalena Babeshoff

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