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Agency Site Requirement Summary

The training environment may be one of two options. There may be one room at least 1200 square feet or larger OR two adjacent rooms of at least 700 square feet each. The rooms must be carpeted or have mats available to cover a large area.

We have found that all of the following considerations contribute to a successful training: one that flows smoothly and efficiently, and that allows the students to feel nurtured, supported and optimizes their learning experience.

  1. Non - fluorescent lighting is essential. Windows for natural light are preferable. (If non-fluorescent lighting, need to supply 6-8 free standing floor lamps)
  2. Is the room available from at least 8am until 6pm (first day from 7:30am)
  3. Is it available the day before the training starts for set-up (afternoon or evening)?
  4. Can the room remain set up overnight? We prefer a 24 hour hold. If it needs to be broken down is there a storage area to leave materials in the room overnight?
  5. Is there the ability to control the room temperature? The room needs to be warmed enough for babies to receive massage at the demo class (78-84 degrees).
  6. Are there windows and doors that open, fans or other methods of ventilation?
  7. Is there adequate parking near the facility (including easy parking for parents coming to class)? Is parking free?
  8. Are there any noise considerations? From other activities? From outside the building? Is room free of storage, clutter and furniture?
  9. Is there a kitchen with a refrigerator for students to store lunch food? Is there a stove or microwave to use? Is there a hot water urn available?
  10. May refreshments (juice, fruit, baked goods) be brought into the training room?
  11. Is there access to adjacent areas for breakouts into smaller groups? (optional)
  12. Is there access to a pleasant outdoor environment?
  13. Is there access to restrooms? How many stalls? (this influences timing of breaks)
  14. Is there a telephone with a telephone jack (outlet) in the room or nearby?

Equipment needed:

  • 22 chairs
  • 2-3 banquet sized tables arranged on the perimeter of the room
  • 4th table near a power outlet for refreshments (if no adjacent food area)
  • TV, VCR in room first morning and one additional day
  • Audio cassette/CD player in room first morning and thereafter
  • White board or easel w/flip chart

For the Parent Baby Demonstration Class we need to create at times two large circles on the floor, each circle large enough for 7 parent/baby couplets and 5 student instructors. For this purpose we will need:

  • 12 - 20 blankets/quilts or comforters to lay on the floor
  • 15 cushions, pillows or backjack chairs for parents’ comfort and positioning
  • 6 soft pillows for the younger babies to lie on
  • Mats if facility not carpeted
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