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Peace In Our Hands™

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Peace In Our Hands™

About Infant Massage


The original infant-parent connection is very important for infants, families and society. It is from this initial attachment that subsequent relationships develop. Infant massage facilitates this attachment, affecting who we become as well as providing the foundation for respectful communication that will last a lifetime.

Training skills applied

Participants learn skills, benefits and the importance of individualized adaptations to educate parents and caregivers in the art of infant massage interaction. Certified Instructors of Infant Massage (CIIM) facilitate parent-baby classes, offer private instruction or work in conjunction with agency/community programs. Instructors work with many types of parents and caregivers with their children, such as:

  • Typically developing infants/children
  • Special needs infants/children
  • Infants prenatally exposed to drugs
  • HIV positive infants
  • Medically fragile infants in NICU
  • AFHFL program is also being taught to:
  • Foster parents
  • Teen parents
  • Incarcerated parents
  • Parents in recovery

Who attends this training

Anyone who cares deeply about families, children and the health of our society. Including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, childbirth educators, early childhood interventionists, doulas and accupuncturists.

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