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Peace In Our Hands™

Recognition of our Essential Opportunity
Cultivating Peace In Our Hands®

by Kalena Babeshoff, Director and Danni Verona, OTR/L, CIIM

In this amazing, rapid paced world we can connect with a loved one almost anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. We can see their faces in an e-mailed digital photo, hear their voices on our voicemail or read their words in an instant message. Yet, amongst this growing technology used to rapidly communicate, we also have a growing crisis of disconnectedness in relationships appearing in the form of the rising diagnoses of social disorders, skyrocketing drug sales for anti-depressive & anti- anxiety medication, and a growing statistic of neglected children ( babies and children who do not have their developmental needs met) and relationships reflective of poor emotional attachments.

Modern convenience has been a blessing for many, making our grandmother’s sound like they must have been raising their babies in the Stone Age! It is curious to reflect upon the fact that in raising our babies today, we have strollers, car seats, bouncy seats, high chairs, baby gyms, baby walkers, play pens and so many more products to purchase. We even have mechanical infant swings that keep tempo simulating a parent’s loving sway. We’ve become so advanced in our long list of product creation, and consumption, that a parent could literally spend the day caring for their child but only touch them and hold them for perhaps 5% of the day. This reflects our values and understandably our choices for convenience and yet, we also know that touch is the baby’s first language of communication and at birth we arrive, literally, internally wired for relationships.

Is it possible that there is a relationship between all of these developments and, what appears to be, a growing trend of disconnection in our society? Experts and common sense are all pointing to a resounding YES.

It has long been recognized in nature, and in human history, that in order for a child to survive and indeed thrive they need tender loving care that includes nurturing touch. Studies have been repeatedly duplicated showing that babies who receive nurturing touch and skin stroking early in their lives have healthier weight gain and development. Social scientists are coming into the mainstream with the simple yet powerful message that all of our intelligence and success in life stems from the quality of our early relationship experiences.

And yet, it is still not commonplace to hear discussions in new mommy & daddy groups about what they are doing to make sure that their babies are feeling emotionally connected in their relationships. The discussions are about how to stimulate their babies IQ’s with the latest baby videos, music or other products. Or, how to get their baby on a schedule that lets the parent get back to their pre-baby work routine. Without a doubt, I.Q and work routines are very important topics for a family, but without an awareness of the paramount importance of attachment and social/relationship connections we are running the risk of a continuing rise in a generation of depressed, anxious, disconnected, even anti-social adults.

A Foundation for Healthy Family Living (HFL) is an organization on the forefront of changing the trend of disconnection, and the myriad of symptoms that result in our families and communities. HFL continues to implement educational programs that empower people with the practical tools and methodology to cultivate meaningful connection. HFL’s classes are taught to professionals in the fields of human services, healthcare and early intervention as well as families and community members. HFL continues to deepen its commitment of raising society’s awareness of the importance of early healthy relationship connections through designing and implementing new programs to reach new audiences.

HFL’s programs put into practice a skill known as Touch Communication™. Families learn the skill of Touch Communication and begin implementing it, at a time in their children’s lives, when touch is the most important sense utilized for brain development and the formation of relationship attachments. HFL reaches these families by teaching and certifying people to provide classes on Touch Communication. Our certified teachers have successfully touched the lives of thousands of families in a wide variety of settings including: abuse shelters, orphanages, hospitals, new parent’s groups, early intervention programs and many more.

As a National Continuing Education Provider HFL is positively impacting the quality of life for children so that they can grow and flourish into healthy, contributing and ‘successful’ adults. Adults who will in turn have the capacity and ability to create healthy families and communities. Thus, HFL’s educational programs are creating a ripple effect that continues throughout the generations and benefits the whole of society, and our world.

With your support we can broaden the reach of HFL’s programs and together we can enhance the expression of the Peace In Our Hands™. We have great hope for cultivating a more compassionate, peaceful and respectful social fabric. As Benjamin Franklin stated, “Family is the sacred cement of any society.”

Copyright A Foundation for Healthy Family Living® 2002 All Rights Reserved
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