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The Power of Touch Communication: Changing the World One Family at a Time
by Kalena Babeshoff, Director/Trainer FHFL

Love, compassion and respect are necessities for a healthy family. A Foundation for Healthy Family Living (FHFL) is committed to providing practical educational programs to support these healthy family life qualities. One FHFL program, the Infant Massage and Communication Training teaches people from various personal and professional backgrounds to become Certified Instructors of Infant Massage (CIIM), in order to cultivate communication through nurturing touch and massage in families.

Imagine how your life might have been different if your welcome into this world and your first and most essential relationships had been with communication that was respectful, compassionate and nurturing through touch and massage.

Imagine communication sensitively adapted to meet your unique and individual needs as they were presented in each moment.

Then imagine how your life would have been impacted and been different had this loving communication continued through your childhood and teen years of development.

We are all born with a common worldwide language. This language, essential for us to thrive, is touch. Through the Infant Massage and Communication classes, FHFL Certified Instructors facilitate parents and caregivers to enhance their ability to converse in their babys inborn language. This is not a technique, but more of a dance-like flow of love between baby and caregiver, in which babies gain some of their initial(and deeply lasting) impressions about who they are, what
relationship is and what the world that they have come into is like.

Babies lead in this dance of communication through their wonderfully natural ways of expressing themselves and offering of cues for us to respond to. Infant Massage (I.M.) is not "done to" a baby but rather it is a flow of interaction with a baby through touch, facial expression, movement and voice. The beneficial effects of this way of interacting include a healthy and lasting bond of attachment between baby and parent/caregivers, as well as a deep impact on brain development. Research has also demonstrated the many physiological benefits of IM as well as it's positive impact on the development of emotional, social, psychological and mental well-being.

Infant Massage and Communication is a family-centered program. The Foundation for Healthy Family Living's commitment to the cultivation of nurturing, respectful communication and touch extends to long term relationships, when this is possible. The positive effect of this on parenting practices and family life ripples out to touch our society and future generations with peace, cooperation and respect. In this way we are changing the world one family at a time.

Mother Teresa said years ago that "America has a hunger worse than the hunger for food". She called it a spiritual starvation. We now have a tremendous opportunity, beyond religion or dogma to feed this great hunger in our culture. We are all born as spiritual beings and certain qualities are essential to nurture our spirits. As the Dalai Lama reminds us, "Love and Compassion are not luxuries, they are necessities".

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